Monday, August 9, 2010

True Colors

The Mets have just finished the most important road trip of their season. It was a road trip they really needed to go 4-2 or better in, but could have gotten away with a 3-3 record.

However, true to form… they couldn’t even pull that off. They finished this roadtrip of missed oppertunities with a 2-4 record, continuing a nasty streak that has not seen them win a road series this year against a National League team.

As was on Friday night, almost all the runs the Phillies scored was in one inning. The Mets managed to get to Phillies staff ace Roy Halladay but it wasn’t enough and they dropped a 6-5 game in which once again the Mets looked just good enough to lose.

And that really seems to be the problem with this ballclub. They are just good enough to make you THINK they can win, but in the end, they can’t pull it off.

Once again the Mets put a talented team on the field that SHOULD be able to win it’s fair share of games, but always seems to not be able to come through in the really big spots. I’m fairly certain this team has a mini run in it… we’ll see them rattle off an 11-3 stretch before the season is done to get themselves over .500 and even pick a few games up in the standings… but for all intensive purposes, this team had it’s chance in the last six games to make a statement… unfortuntely that statement was “We aren’t as good as we should be.”

In the next week we’ll look at what the Mets need to do in the future to shake that stigmata off them, because 2010 is done for them. Time to start figuring what to do with 2011 and beyond.

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