Thursday, March 29, 2012

The "Pre-Spring Training" 2012 Mets overview

While I'm not quite as optimistic, I do agree I think the general feeling the Mets are a disaster is totally unfounded. I'm not even convinced they have the worst rotation in the NL East. If Josh Johnson doesn't return to health, and he's been fairly injury prone, their pitching staff is basically Sanchez and Buehrle.

As presently built, I see the Mets as a team that can finish at .500 (this is counting on at least 29/30 starts from Johan Santana). If Mike Pelfrey can pitch like he did in 2008 & 2010 instead of how he pitched in 2009 & 2011... If Jason Bay can return to even about 80% of what he was in 2009... If Niese and Murphy can stay healthy for the whole season... If we get the 2010 Wright instead of the 2011 version... Then I can see the Mets winning upwards of 86 games. In that area, a couple of things go right and suddenly 88/89 wins are not out of the question and maybe that gets you a wild card.

Yeah, that is a lot of "Ifs". I know. But most of those "ifs" aren't exactly extremely difficult to imagine possibilites.

Is it likely? Probabally not. But it's not an insane thought. I wouldn't count on the Mets losing 90 games, much less 100. Of course if they get ravaged by injury again, then all bets are off... but you can basically say that about ANY team in the Majors.

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