Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Has to be Sheets

Well, like the day before, the Mets have seen their top priority accept an offer from another team rather than head to Citifield.

Joel Pineiro signed a two year, $16 million dollar contract with the Angels (who needed him as much as the Mets did). From what I understand, it was just about the exact same amount the Mets offered him, thus supporting the theory that the Mets may be less than desirable in the eyes of many free agents.

As with Molina, I’m not devistated by the inability to land Pineiro since I very much believe his excellent 2009 was as much a product of St. Louis pitching guru Dave Duncan as anything else, but I do believe he would have made a decent addition. However I don’t think he would have been a stong #2 pitcher.

So what now? I think the Mets have but one move that will prove to be a windfall. It’s a move that is not without risk, but hey… at this point I think it’s time for a leap of faith.

That leap of faith? BEN SHEETS.

No one will debate the fact that when he is healthy, Sheets is one of the best pitchers in major league baseball. Yes, he has a spotty medical history and perhaps the odds of him having at least ONE 15 day DL stint is a matter of when, not if. However, having Sheets and Santana as your 1/2 punch would give the Mets the best top two in the show. It would remove a ton of pressure from Mike Pelfry who really has the stuff to BE a #2, but may not quite have the mental fortitude to actually fill that role. Frankly, the retooled bullpen (which actually looks like it could be a strength this year), the addition of Jason Bay and adding Sheets would make the Mets into quite a formidable team.

For you naysayers… of COURSE there is risk involved. However do the Mets have a lot of other options? Not really. Yeah, Jon Garland, Jarrod Washburn and John Smoltz are still out there and would be cheaper. Yeah, it’s possible that Adam Harang or Bronson Arroyo could be had in a trade. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what?

The Mets have had disaster after disaster the last three years. It’s time to lunge for that brass ring, ’cause the merry-go-round is getting close to losing its riders. Besides, Sheets WANTS to come to the Mets. He KNOWS that if he can have a great year in New York then next year he could look to sign a four year deal worth a TON of cash.

So, c’mon Fred and Omar. Do the right thing. It’s not safe, but damn… it’s sexy. And sex appeal is just what this team needs.

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