Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s offical…

… Omar Minaya has lost his mind.

So Gary Matthews Jr. is a Met (for the 2nd time by the way) in a trade involving RHP Brian Stokes.

The Angels will pay $21.5 of the $23.5 million left on the remaining 2 yrs of Matthews contract.

So my main question here is… WHY?

Paying 2 million for a lousy ballplayer who had basically one good (steriod infused) season, PLUS giving up a pitcher.

Couldn’t we just have picked up Eric Byrnes for the Major League minimum (saving over a million dollars), got the EXACT same production (with a MUCH better attitude and much more hustle) and better defense WITHOUT giving up a pitcher?

What in God’s name is Omar thinking?

This is a horrible move.

No, it’s not just a horrible one… it’s a stupid, non-sensical move.

Please, someone put the man out of his misery. I’m waiting now to hear he gives John Smoltz a two year deal worth $22 million.

Oh the humanity…

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