Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ok, enough already

Dear Mets Fans,

A lot has been made about the Mets offseason and their inability to land a #2 starting pitcher.

I’m not happy about it either… I would have LOVED to see John Lackey here, but Boston gave him a great contract.

After that I wanted Ben Sheets, because I feel he was worth the risk. However, the normally cash-strapped Oakland A’s gave Sheets a crazy $10 Million Dollar contract. As much as I wanted Sheets… I wouldn’t have done that. Six? Yes. Ten? No way.

Aside from that, what was really out there? Joel Pineiro? Randy Wolf? Did you REALLY want to see then Mets give either of those guys a larger 3 year contract just for them to basically be a #3 or #4? It’s one thing to need a #2… it’s another to assume that ANY pitcher available is a good fit for that role.

Would I have signed Jason Marquis for the same cash that Washington gave him? Absolutely. That, in the end, is really the ONLY starting pitcher that I will blame the Mets for by not getting him, but even Marquis isn’t a “no brainer” #2 starter.

If the Mets had given Joel Pineiro three years and $24 million dollars and he went 9-12 with a 4.76 ERA in 2010, the screams would have been loud and angry. “Look at Omar wasting money on a #4 starter!”

Listen people… I’m not too keen on the Mets offseason moves either. I openly question their process and have to really wonder what in God’s name they are doing, but I refuse to slam this team for not overspending on middle of the road players. They felt what they had was just as good as the Wolfs, Pineiros and Washburns and you know… I have to agree.

Next year (and even in this season) there will be more pitchers available who are much better suited for the #2 starter role. Best to wait to pay someone who is worth it, then spend it on a guy who you really don’t know about.

The team you see is what you’ve got. Instead of continuing to scream about what WASN’T done, sit back and see what happens. Give the team a month or two before declaring them a total bust and the season a wash.

Funny thing… in 2006, I remember all the bitching that we had Pedro and no one else in the pitching rotation…. yet that team won the NL East.

You’ve made your displeasure known. It’s so noted. Now support your team and get over it.

I only scold because I care.
Love Pat

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