Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not a Mets Game until…

So sitting here watching the Mets game and what could have been a nice comback in the bottom of the 7th was stimied by a baserunning blunder… Fernando Tatis, not exactly known for his speed, was thrown out at the plate to end the 7th on a passed ball that only went about five feet away. Granted the catcher made an outstanding throw to the pitcher, who was in perfect position… but still… two runs were in… the bases were loaded and David Wright was up. You want Jose Reyes or Angel Pagan to go in that spot? Ok, that I could maybe handle… but anyone else needs to see that ball roll a hell of a lot further away to commit going home there.

In any case, I got a txt message thirty seconds later from my friend Chris… whose txt read: “It’s not a Mets’ game until there is a terrible baserunning error. What the hell was he thinking?”

This brings up the current mindset of the basic Mets fan. We’re always waiting for the one big mistake to happen that kills the rally or opens the floodgates for the other team. It’s not a fun place to be.

My Summer Family blogger Taryln Cooper commented that the Mets are basically Johan and the four rainouts. In other words, pray for four days of rain to get Johan on the mound more. While I am willing to give John Maine, Ollie Perez and Mike Pelfry a few starts each to show what they can do, tonight’s start by Maine was not encouraging (Four earned runs in 5 innings)… something I’m sure the gloom and doom Mets fan will be ready to lament about tomorrow.

However, no matter what the condition of the starting pitching, the Mets cannot give away oppertunity like the did here. Smart baseball… it’s what Jerry Manual needs to pound in these guys heads.

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