Friday, April 9, 2010

Nice Job by Niese

Quick note about the Mets game tonight… was going back and forth on it sporatically, but what I saw of Jonathan Niese was encouraging. One night after a uneven start by John Maine, the Mets needed a lift, and while they didn’t get a win (the offense was flat) they did get a fairly solid performance from the young pitcher.

Fernando Tatis and Angel Pagan got their first starts of the 2010 season , Tatis made a nice play in the 3rd, picking up an errent throw by David Wright with two on and two out, and Pagan had two hits.

The best news of the night was Niese though. In a season where every starter besides Johan Santana seems to be a question mark, having Niese step up and be a solid turn in the rotation would be a welcome sight.

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