Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reyes’ Batting Dilemma

Well, we’re a few weeks into the great Jose Reyes Batting Third experiment, and overall, while he has had some success there, I think the move is not the best of ideas.

One of the biggest complaints about Reyes over the years has been his lack of patience at the plate. It seems he swings at everything sometimes, especially bad pitches in the dirt.

In the number three hole, it seems to me that Reyes is looking more for the big hit… swinging for the fences, as if he needs to up his power numbers to justify batting in a position that is considered one that drives in runs.

Whether this is Reyes’ mindset or not, it at least LOOKS like that’s what he’s doing, and that is just a big mistake.

Reyes should be looking to make contact… drive the ball and make things happen. His apporch to hitting shouldn’t be any different than if he was still batting leadoff. Hit the ball, use his speed… cause havoc out there on the basepaths… that should be his main concern.

He’s not even stealing bases at his point… which is a total mystery to me.

This has been one of my biggest problems with Jerry Manual. He’s got all of this speed on his team, but he doesn;t ever seem to run wild. Say what you will about Willie Randolph as a manager… but he understood how important the running game was with his team and he used it perfectly.

Reyes has 4 stolen bases on the season. He should have had that last week alone.

At this point I would much rather Reyes return to his leadoff spot in the order. Leave Luis Castillo (who isn’t doing too bad so far this season) in the 2-hole for now and bat either Wright or Bay 3rd (I would make it Wright who seems to have had more solid at bats this season overall than Bay so far). Once Beltran is back you can bat him 3rd (IF he comes back that is).

But Reyes? But him back in leadoff and just set the light for green on him. Please Jerry… let the kid run. Enough of this experiment… it’s had it’s moments, but let’s get back to the basics here, ok?

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