Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reyes is the Straw that Sturs the Mets’ Drink

During a rough patch in which the Mets lost nine out of eleven and fell from second place into last, Jose Reyes went 10 for 47 for a .212 batting average and scoring 6 runs.

In the last five games (in which the Mets have won four of) he is 9 for 24 for a .375 batting average and 5 runs.

During that fantastic streak in which the Mets won 10 out of 11 games, Reyes was 13 for 41 for a .317 batting average and 10 runs.

See a pattern yet? I did… so, after digesting that info I took a quick look at Reyes’ production in the Mets wins and losses for the entire season.

The Mets are an amazing 15 -4 in games that Reyes scores at least 1 run. They are an astoundingly bad 6 – 16 in games in which he plays and does NOT score a run. They were 2-2 in the four games at the beginning of the season in which he did not play.

So what does that tell you?

Well you certainly don’t need a calculator to figure it out. Without production from Reyes, the Mets don’t win. Simple as that.

There’s no secret formula here people. Reyes had excellent seasons in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The Mets were contenders each of those years. In 2007, when the Mets dropped six of their last seven to lose the division on the last day of the season, Reyes was 5 for 32 for a .156 batting average and 3 runs (scoring in the one game they won in that last seven).

This is a team that has a lot of talent. David Wright, Jason Bay, Ike Davis and (eventually) Carlos Beltran are all excellent hitters who can (and at times will) carry a team on their backs…. however, the Mets are built to win around the guy who energizes his ballclub more than almost any player in baseball. If he hits and runs and scores, the teams wins.

So for all of your screaming to trade Jose Reyes… take a look at those numbers and realize the guy is freaking 26. He has a LOT of baseball still in him and in reality most ballplayers hit their peak at age 28-30. In other words… HE’S ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER.

Is Reyes a frustrating player? Absolutely. He drives me as nuts as the next guy… but the Mets need him and when he’s on… well… damn he’s one of the best.

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