Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Total Disarray

The Mets, who surprised the baseball world with a spirited first half, have come out of the gate for the second half flatter than a pankcake having lost six of their first seven games. The problem, for the most part, has not been the pitching (except in one disasterous 13 – 2 loss on monday night) but has been the hitting, which is barely averaging 2 runs a game since coming out of the all-star break.

Jason Bay’s horrid hitting has continued, and with a injury to sparkplug Jose Reyes and the rust still on Carlos Beltran’s bat since coming off the DL last thursday the lack of offense is killing this team.

The problem is, how do you turn it around? Well, mostly there isn’t any sort of trades the Mets can do to get a big bat. The only real position the Mets could consider adding a player is at 2nd base, unless they decided to take a chance and trade Angel Pagan for someone like Adam Dunn for the outfield (which would likely be a big mistake).

All they can do right now is really hope that someone breaks out and starts to hit. David Wright has had a great season but he cannot maintain a hot bat the entire season. Ike Davis has been fairly solid and Angel Pagan has been even better, but the rest have been below average, especially as of late. Bay, Beltran, Reyes, Jeff Francour, Rod Barajas and whom ever is playing second base haven’t been hitting much at all since right before the all-star break. This will have to change, and frankly, it has to change in the next couple of days or the Mets are in even more trouble than the position they’ve put themselves in now.

Mainly, the Mets HAVE to have Bay and/or Beltran hit. Wright can only do so much himself, and as we’ve seen, when Wright feels he has to carry the burden himself he begins to press too hard at times. If the Mets are going to have any shot for the playoffs, they need their big bats to step it up.

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