Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Half Tib-bits for Yanks, Mets

Just a few interesting tib-bits of info for all the Yankee and Mets fans to keep in mind for the second half. These are not intended to imply anything, they are just conversation starters.

The Mets are 30-9 when Reyes Reyes scores a run this season. That means they are 18-32 when he doesn’t score a run. Think Reyes isn’t as valuable a Mets as there is?

Robinson Cano leads the Yankees in slugging percentage (.556) and OPS (.944) and is second in on-base percentage (.389) and home runs (16). In Prior years he hasn’t come close to the top in any of those catagories.

The Mets have a 18-25 road record after last night’s loss to the Giants, and that includes a 6-0 road record against the Indians and Orioles… which means they are only 12-25 aginst everyone else on the road.

The Yankees have a major league best record of 56-32, but that includes a record of 30-8 against the weak teams they have played (the Indians, Orioles A’s, Mariners, D-Backs and Astros) and are just 26-24 against everyone else. So far, the Yankees have a 7-6 against division rivals the Rays and Red Sox

The Mets haven’t played a single game yet this season against the weakest teams in the NL like the Pirates (30-58), D-Backs (34-55) or Astros (36-53), but the NL East leading Braves have played a combined 16 games against those opponents.

The Yankees have five more home games in the 2nd half then the Rays and Red Sox do, and seeing how good the Yanks home record is (28-13) that could make a difference in the pennant race.

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